Renaissance School Senior Thesis 2017

Seven seniors. Seven projects. Unlimited horizons.

Thesis Papers

The Senior Thesis Research Paper is one of three components of the course: 1) a 15-page research paper; 2) a substantive project; 3) a formal defense before the faculty.

Acree Research Paper Thesis Statement: “The problem with the racehorse industry is that horses are bred and raced in excess because people make money off of them. Inevitably, there are unsuccessful horses which are unwanted and often suffer mistreatment and abuse while they are being sent to slaughter, and the members and officials involved in the industry often disregard rule violations. Possible solutions to this serious problem include more rigid consequences for offenders and limits to the number of races horses are permitted to run.” Read paper.

Clark Research Paper Thesis Statement: “By using speculative anatomy, experts can understand what dinosaurs’ anatomy was like and create made up creatures.” Read paper.

Elizabeth Research Paper Thesis Statement: “The attempted coup of July 16, 2016 was triggered by religious tensions within the Turkish government. Friction between Islam and Secularism, as embodied in the policies of Mustafa Kemal, later called Ataturk, are at the root of most of the modern conflicts within Turkey. These tensions can be traced back to the disintegration of the Ottoman empire and the birth of the Modern Turkish republic in the years after World War I. An examination of the recently failed coup will demonstrate a trend toward increased religious sentiment within Turkey from the time of the rise of Ataturk’s Turkish republic.” Read paper.

Lise Research Paper Thesis Statement: “Street photography, while often mistaken for social documentary photography, is a distinct type of art. Its origins are rooted in the Impressionist movement due to the fact that both forms of art desired to capture the beauty in everyday life. A street photographer also approaches their work as art rather than journalism and views street photographs as creating art rather discovering art.” Read paper.

Jessica Research Paper Thesis Statement: “Camping is not just about the appreciation of nature, but can also be about coexisting with nature with the goal of minimizing impact.” Read paper.

Conall Research Paper Thesis Statement: “Music therapy and melodic intonation therapy can provide many benefits to patients suffering from a variety of ailments, such as disorders of consciousness, neurogenic communication disorders, and conditions such as pain and nausea. Patients receiving these therapy techniques can witness improvements, including increased brain stimulation, improved speech, and a better emotional state.” Read paper.

Nico Research Paper Thesis Statement: “Introducing a Basic Emergency Medical education to a broader spectrum of society will lower human fatality rates correlated with limited access to first aid by increasing density of available, trained individuals.” Read paper.

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