Renaissance School Senior Thesis 2017

Seven seniors. Seven projects. Unlimited horizons.

Project Presentations

The Project Presentation is one of three components of the course: 1) a 15-page research paper; 2) a substantive project (which is presented to the school in a 20-minute presentation); 3) a formal defense before the faculty.

Project presentations will be posted here in the spring of 2017.

4/17 – Lise (You may visit her travel blog, Thelma & Lise, here.)

4/18 – Jessica (You may read her camping journal in Head Johnson’s office.)

4/20 – Clark (You may visit his Art Role Play Game, Acotle Grove, here.)

4/21 – Elizabeth (You may explore Elizabeth’s art book, Other Bodies, in Head Johnson’s office.)

4/24 – Nico (You may read Nico’s First Aid Curriculum in Head Johnson’s office.)

4/25 – Acree (You may read Acree’s business plan for a horse farm in Head Johnson’s office.)

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