So far I have almost 7 completed series of photographs and am continuing to shoot and edit them. I have about 5 poems and am working on catching up with those. Some difficulties I have encountered are formatting and getting the series and poems to line up to see everything as a whole. I have really been experimenting with color and movement in a majority of these photos. Here are some samples of series that I am still working on playing around with


And here is a rough rough draft of one of my poems

Maybe makeup allows us to choose how we look

I lean so close to the mirror my nose touches it,

leaving a little powder in it’s wake

going to have to retouch that,

no one wants an oily nose three hours down the road

god forbid someone take my picture

The skin of my eyelid pulled taunt

it will create wrinkles later but who cares when you can look beautiful now?

The black charcoal sharpened to a painful point

holding it so my line will not go astray

my other fingers bent and curled in the most unnatural way

in order to maintain control of the unruly lines

eyebrows raised precisely to get where I need to go

I see veins in my eyelids

running through them like blue thread

careful, delicate, precise strokes as close to the lashes as you can get

Ive gotta make this line thin so I don’t look whorish

…That’s it….wisp by wisp of pigment gets laid

sweating because it’s almost done

maybe this time it will be perfect….

with the finally flick of a wrist,

like a painter finishing a masterpiece,

my eyeliner is done.

One more eye to go.