Although I haven’t posted a ton of sources, I have been reading and researching a ton of information but I have two different processes for the different ways I research

When I’m using physical prints….

I actively read and write (on sticky notes) all over the book. The sticky notes are about processing and reframing the information I’m reading. As I read a passage, I may have a question or many, too look up later notes, or I make personal connections or comparisons to what is being said in the text

Another personal point about me, I prefer to do research as I go through writing the paper in order to fill in gaps and holes in my current knowledge. Knowing and researching general information before the paper is alright but it feels pointless to me. Doing research in tandem with the outline and writing process is most effective for me. It also helps to keep the research and paper more organized and relevant. So when I’m writing and researching stuff on the computer….

I look up sources and information as needed and go into depth if I don’t understand or need to make a final connection. I don’t take many notes when reading online sources. That is why in the current bibliography below, there is a high concentration of sources about the Ottoman empire even though that is not the main focus of my paper.

Current Bib

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