• This is an analysis from the New York Times
    • They analyzed individual racetracks
    • The groups of racetracks are sorted by states
  • The Southwest (California, Arizona, and New Mexico especially) has the highest percentage of breakdowns
    • When compared to the average number of breakdowns, every racetrack in these three states has a very high number of breakdowns
    • Every track in Arizona has close to twice the average number of breakdowns: Ruidoso Downs has the highest number of breakdowns per 100 horses, but officials say that this is because of the track’s high altitude
  • “In a claiming race, a person can buy any eligible horse at a pre-set price. Lower-tier claiming races are more dangerous for cheaper horses, which tend to get less regulatory protection from drugs.”
  • “This analysis examined tracks with 5,000 or more starts from 2009 to 2011.” – They only studied a three-year time period, but it is fairly recent

Palmer, Griffin and Kevin Quealy. “For Horse and Jockey, Risks Vary by State.” The New York Times, 24 March 2012. Web.