• Over 20,000 thoroughbred foals are born in the United States each year.
  • “Foal crops are estimated against reports of mares bred… Foal registration is to be completed within 12 months after the birth of the foal.” – The Jockey Club guesses how many foals are born each year, but this number is confirmed with the number of registered horses.
  • Not all of the horses that are born are registered, but most of them are registered with the Jockey Club by the time that they are two years old.
  • The number of horses born in 1990 is almost twice the estimated number of horses born in 2014 and 2015, but there were an estimated 300 more horses born in 2016.
    • This number was moving in a positive direction until 2008, when it began to decrease.
    • Now, this number is beginning to move in a positive direction again.

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