turkish gov flagAfter the fall of the Ottoman empire post world war I of the Turkish war for independence lead by Ataturk, Turkey was a secular nation, this article speculates and infers with the actions that Erodogen has taken, turkey is making a move toward a predominantly Islamic state. This move is made possible with the increased government support gained from the coup. It uses the examples of:

  • July 15 being recognized as a national Turkish holiday honoring the failed coup
  • Bridges and other “historical markers” being named after government supporters
  • Pro gov media documenting the coup and the supporters and honoring fallen heroes
  • Cancelling the holiday in honor of Ataturk

The point in documenting all this stuff so intensely and making a big deal out of it is so when people read the history about this event, they will infer the government was “right” and will continue to give the government power. This creates a “New Turkey” that Eredogen can manipulate and pick and choose the principals/laws he supports.

  • Coup on July 15 nicknamed Turkey’s second war for independence
  • Erodogen came to power by empowering “second-class citizens” h pushed that idea that everyone matters and has a say
  • Since the coup he’s further manipulating this idea by uniting people through nationalism and if he’s able to change the framework of what Turkish nationalism is *cough cough* making turkey a predominantly Islamic country supporting those “founding principals* he can get a huge following of supporters of his ideas and values by essentially brain washing people to associate happiness and celebration and rightness with the general idea of nationalism, whatever that ends up being
  • “Building a new national mythology”

Personal analysis of article:

Clearly many of this authors inferences have some foundation looking at the actions of Erodgen but this article may be assuming some thigs about Islam. Not saying what the author states is invalid but the is no blatant evidence of the end goal for erodogen being an Islamic state(that I could see) Yes I can get behind the apparent examples of the government manipulating and taking more control but more investigation must be done in order to get behind the extent of this authors inferences.

Look into;

  • Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (founder of modern day turkey)
  • Kerem Oktem, a Turkish historian at the University of Graz in Austria

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