• “We came together to save our nation from outside forces, so we are here for the love of our country and flag,”
  • Erodogan approval rating went from 47% to 68% post coup
  • Typical Turkish politics is an us versus them mentality but the coup has rallied everyone together to support the government
  • it seems the Turks don’t identify the coup was started by Turkish citizens. They seem to be putting the blame on Gulen and having the perception it was almost an attack of outside forces on their democracy which has become even less democratic post coup
  • Erodogan is using this “consensus” as an opportunity to combine and potentially get rid of political parties since everyone is freaked out and pro nationalism at the moment
  • Before the coup attempt, a string of terrorist attacks by Kurdish and Islamic State militants had demoralized the public. But now, despite a suicide bombing at a wedding on Saturday in southern Turkey, people have heeded Mr. Erdogan’s call to go to public squares and “defend democracy.”

Personal observation of article

Seems relatively unbiased and to explore the points of view of many sides in this situation and what’s going to happen moving forward.

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