• Outlines coverage on events/actions of leaders post coup on July 17 w/helpful quick explanation/summary videos of various related topics to the event
  • Coup was started by citizens but failed miserably
  • President of Turkey (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) cracked down on coup
    • Started arresting/torturing/killing any suspected “conspirators”
    • Expanding his authority/powers as president using the coup as an excuse to justify these expansion of powers
    • His actions are pushing Turkey toward an even more authoritarian rule
  • World leaders weary toward Turkey’s political direction post coup due to Turkey’s influence/ significant involvement in NATO
  • Turkish government still trying to figure out the leader/instigator of this coup but they don’t really know
    • Potential: Akın Öztürk ( former air forces commander and Turkish Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) member)
    • Potential: Fethullah Gülen, (Islamic cleric, ran to US and turkish government trying to get him extradited)
    • Erdogan military aid (Ali Yazici)
  • Supposedly only dozen people confirmed involvement
  • What happened with the actual coup was that the group were trying to kill the president (in order to seize power and over throw the government) by bombing locations the president was as well as getting 2 planes to follow and harass Erdogen’s plane. Essentially, they missed. That’s why it all failed

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