Jines, Chuck. “Few Thoughts On Street Photography and Documentary Photography.” Online Video Clip. Youtube. Youtube, 6 March 2016. Web. 13 June 2016.

  • One reason that people might pose “street” photographs is because it’s safer. (June 13)
  • Street photography takes a lot of time. It might take weeks to get a single, good shot. This is why there aren’t more really good street photographers (not including iphoneographers). In our society, it’s all about speed and instant snaps, so most people aren’t willing to put in the time. (June 13)
  • Street photographs must be candid to be street photographs. (June 13)
  • One characteristic of street, documentary, and photojournalism is they’re all against romanticism, they’re very realistic. (June 13)
  • Documentary photography requires more interaction with your subjects than street photography – a closer connection to your subjects. They may even be posed. (June 13)
  • Street photographers are much more disconnected from their subjects than documentary photographers. (June 13)