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  • Street photography can be viewed as “reacting to reality” and documentary as “showing” reality. (June 13)
  • Just because it’s called street photography doesn’t mean it has to be on the streets – it could be of a farm, zoo, office, etc. It could be of animals or inanimate objects that display one aspect of humanity. (June 13)
  • Street photography is not journalism. It isn’t a series of photographs that display different sides/aspects of one issue or subject. (June 13)
  • Street photography is about seeing and reacting. You don’t really visualize your photographs before you go to a location, like a documentary photographer might. (June 13)
  • Street photography (and documentary) has more emphasis on composition and timing that other types of photography because there’s no time to set props, lighting, lenses, or filters. (June 13)
  • Shot metaphor: Street photographers are like archers; if you think about the shot too hard, it’s gone. (June 13)